ReElect Mel Cohen Mayor
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Re-elect Mel Cohen

I am seeking re-election as your mayor. During my 30 years of service in Morganton I have never backed down from a challenge nor will I step aside when Morganton needs strong, proven and accessable leadership.

I have developed strong contacts throughout the state in city councils, county governments and among state officials. Through these contacts and my years of service Morganton receives the recognition and support that our great city deserves.

I have the stamina, knowledge, experience, passion and local presence to continue to serve Morganton as Mayor. I consider it a privilege to serve as your Mayor and I respect every aspect of that responsibility.

Early voting begins October 22 at either the Burke county Senior Center or the Board of Elections office. Regular boting is on Tuesday, November 3 at your designated location.

I consider it a privilege to serve as your Mayor and I am as enthusiastic about Morganton today as I was 30 years ago. Cast your ballor for Experienced, accessible and stable leadership; proven job creation and economic development; ongoing enhancement of Downtown and fighing for What's Right for Morganton. 

Major Economic Development

  • Received upgrade in City's bond to AA rating from Standard and Poor (2014).
  • Recruitment of Caterpillar
  • Recruitment and Expansion of Viscotec
  • Recruitment of Ekornes - $2 million expansion, 35 jobs.
  • Leviton Expansion - 152 jobs and $7 million investment
  • Recruitment of 7 screen multiplex theater in downtown
  • Collaborated with NCSD Foundation to develop senior living center for deaf and blind on College Street.

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